Our Services

At America West Properties, we are committed to provide value added services which make our portfolio operate efficiently and effectively, with special attention to the bottom line. As property managers, we act as a facilitator with the owner’s interest at heart. As a manager, it is imperative that we have a clear understanding of each specific client’s goal for the property. By clarifying these goals, we can implement a plan to achieve said goals. When establishing a new property, we adopt a strict due diligence checklist to ensure a smooth transition for the tenants and client.

Property Management/Asset Services

- Maximize net income of each property
- Annual planning and budgeting
- Annual detailed reconciliations
- Tenant screening and credit reporting
- Negotiate and prepare leases, renewals, amendments, etc.
- Maintain all physical aspects of the property
- Supervise all personnel on the property
- Obtain and maintain tenant, vendor and property insurance
- Monthly, quarterly or as-needed owner disbursements
- Screening of all vendors and contractors
- Maintain excellent customer service and tenant relations
- Construction management (tenant improvements, capital improvements, etc.)
- Filing of permits, notices of non-responsibility, etc.
- Managing safety and environmental issues 
- Monthly reporting with E-Mail delivery 
- Assist with any due diligence items during acquisition, disposition or refinancing
- Lender reserve disbursement requests as necessary 
- Facilitate legal proceedings with client’s counsel

Property Accounting Services

- Full property accounting utilizing Yardi Voyager that can be customized to each client’s needs.
- Monthly rental increase calculations
- Percentage Rent calculations
- Lender financial reporting as required
- Mortgage, reserve and property tax payments when due
- Monthly Detailed report (E-Mail) of all cash receipts and disbursements including:
- Balance Sheet
- Income and Expense Report
- General Ledger
- Expense Register
- Check Register
- Income Register
- Bank Statement
- Bank Reconciliation
- Trial Balance
- Delinquency Report
- Schedule of Leases
- Schedule of Tenant Insurance
- Exclusive Use Report
A comparison of the Reported Month and year-to-date amount for actual cash transactions to the Owner Approved Budget; including monthly and year-to-date variations.
Monthly and year-to-date gross sales volumes for tenants required to supply such information whether or not they are paying overage rent based upon such sales figures.

Online Capabilities:

- Secured Property/Tenant Login
- Online Maintenance Requests
- Online Tenant access to payment histories
- Tenant ability to access online rental statements

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